The Lexington Public School District realizes the limitless potential for information and communication provided by the Internet. This policy governs web pages and/or any other information presented on the Internet that represents the Lexington Public Schools. The availability of this communication vehicle provides an opportunity for students and staff to access and contribute to the world of information related to curriculum, instruction, school, District, and school community related activities. Therefore, the Lexington Public School District will use the Internet as an effective, efficient and timely source of information, method of communication and vehicle for resource collection. In order to take advantage of the opportunities the Internet provides, the Committee authorizes the creation of school and/or District Web pages on the Internet.
Unlike the Internet itself, schools and the District should control the type of information placed on Web pages. Documents created for the Web and linked to District Web pages shall meet the criteria for use as public information or an instructional resource. The following considerations should be considered when determining the information to include on a school or District Web page: Copyright/trademark issues; applicability to the curriculum or communication goals of the school or District; privacy issues; and related School Committee policies. The website content should not be used for commercial, private interest, or illegal purposes.
Only those web pages maintained in accordance with Committee policy and established procedures shall be recognized as official representations of the District or individual schools. All information on a school or District Web page must accurately reflect the mission, goals, policies, program, and activities of the school and District. The Web pages must have a purpose that falls within at  east one of three categories:
  1. Support of curriculum and instruction – intended to provide links to Internet resources for students, parents and staff in the District.
  2. Public information – intended to communicate information about the schools and District to students, staff, parents, community, and the world at large.
  3. District support – intended to provide and respond to instructional and administrative needs of students and staff.
The Superintendent shall designate an individual (District Website Content Coordinator) to be responsible to oversee and coordinate the information posted on the official District web page and monitor all District Web site activity. A building Principal shall make such designation for an individual school (School Website Content Coordinator). The official district and school sites shall all contain consistent elements to convey a coordinated web presence for the district. These elements are defined by the Web Site Content Coordinator with administrator input. The Lexington Public School web site(s) shall present a professional appearance, contain consistent document nomenclature, and site information shall be accurate and updated periodically.
As with any instructional materials or publication used by or representing the school or District, the building Principal or Superintendent, respectively, are ultimately responsible for accuracy and appropriateness of the information made available at the Web site. Concern about the content of any page(s) created by students or staff should be directed to the building Principal or to the
Superintendent’s office when related to the District Web site.
Official LPS websites may be developed internally or under contract, and whether hosted internally or externally, remain the property of the Lexington Public Schools and will meet district standards for privacy, acceptable use and security.
All subject matter on Web pages should relate to curriculum, instruction, school-authorized activities, general information supporting student safety, growth, and learning, or public information of interest to others. Staff or student work may be published only as it relates to a class project, course, or other school-related activity. Parent groups, partnerships, and municipal or educational cooperatives are considered affiliates of the District. No confidential information is to be published on or linked to a Web page.
Quality Standards
All Web page work must be free of spelling and grammatical errors. Authors and publishers are reminded that a Web site is a virtual doorway to your school. A site and a school will be judged on its ease for the user, its design, and its content. Thoughtful consideration should go into decisions regarding purpose, usefulness, and appearance of each item on the Web site. As much as possible, publishers are encouraged to include class or student work. As the District represents itself to the world through this medium, assurances should be provided that students are the focus of the Lexington Public School District. Before publishing any student work, staff will conduct due diligence to ensure the work is original and will obtain written student and parent consent to publish the student work on the web.
Due to the dynamic nature of the Internet, this policy is to be reviewed and updated on an annual basis or more frequently if required.

Lexington Public Schools, Lexington MA
Adopted by Lexington School Committee: July 2015