The Superintendent and the School Principals will annually remind staff members and orient new staff members concerning the importance of maintaining proper decorum in the on-line, digital world as well as in person. Employees must conduct themselves in ways that do not distract from or disrupt the educational process. The orientation and reminders will give special emphasis to:
Improper fraternization with students using any social media including but not limited to
1. Facebook and other social sites, voice communications, chat rooms, texts, other media sharing
sites, cell phones or other digital means.
a. Teachers may not list current students as “friends” on networking sites.
b. All e-contacts with students should be through the district’s information, mail, or communications systems, except emergency situations.
c. All contact and messages by coaches with team members shall be sent to all team members, except for messages concerning emergency matters related to team schedules, medical matters, or academic matters.
d. School personnel will not give out their private cell phone or home phone numbers without prior approval of the district.
e. Inappropriate contact via e-mail or phone is prohibited.
2) Inappropriateness of posting items with sexual content
3) Inappropriateness of posting items exhibiting or advocating use of drugs and alcohol
4) Examples of inappropriate behavior from other districts, as behavior to avoid
5) Monitoring and penalties for improper use of district computers and technology
6) The possibility of penalties, including dismissal from employment, for failure to exercise good judgment in on-line conduct.
If inappropriate use of social media is discovered, the School Principals and Superintendent will promptly bring that inappropriate use to the attention.

Lexington Public Schools, Lexington MA
Adopted by Lexington School Committee: July 2015