Lexington school boundaries under the jurisdiction of the Lexington School Committee will be drawn up by the Superintendent and approved by the Committee. The primary considerations that govern the establishment of a school district are equal educational opportunity, school capacity, safe walking routes, transportation considerations, and neighborhood lines.
From time to time, overcrowded conditions in an existing school, the closing or opening of a school, or the development of new residential areas may require redistricting of certain school lines. When in the judgment of the Superintendent or the School Committee that school boundaries must be changed or adjusted, the Superintendent will present a redistricting plan to the Committee for its approval. This plan will include the projected spatial requirements necessary to accommodate students and program needs that are cost effective and consistent with School Committee policies. The Committee recognizes its responsibility to hear suggestions and reactions from the community prior to approving any redistricting plan.
The Superintendent shall review school building capacity and enrollment annually and any recommendations shall be brought to the School Committee. Redistricting may be used as a tool for long-range planning to avoid overcrowding. However, given its inherent disruption to the community, the School Committee prefers that redistricting not impact any street or home more than once in a five year period.
The Superintendent is authorized to make exceptions to district lines for individual students in the best interest of the student or school.

Lexington Public Schools, Lexington MA
Adopted by Lexington School Committee: July 2015