The Lexington Public Schools recognizes there are situations where, in the best interest of a student, he/she should be transferred to an out-of-district school. Transfers may be made when (1) a student with special needs requires placement in a program provided in an out-of-district school; or (2) when a change in a student's social or learning environment is likely to achieve significantly improved conditions for adjustment and/or learning (to ameliorate conditions apparently aggravating emotional, psychological or behavioral problems). To affect a transfer, space must be available in the receiving program or classroom. Approval of any transfer request rests with the Superintendent of Schools.
Transfers are conditional and may be renewed annually, depending on space available in the years following the initial transfer. Parents will be informed in May of each year as to the possibility of continuation of the transfer. Even in circumstances where continuation appears likely, a new Transfer Request Form must be completed.
The School Committee reserves the right to reconfigure or redistrict schools based on student population and space availability. In the case of such redistricting, students must revert to their "home" districts and re-apply for transfers. Transportation will be the responsibility of the parents.
A Special Needs Placements
After routine evaluation procedures, the staff will develop an educational plan recommending placement in a program or setting only available at another school. This process involves the appropriate receiving administrator and school staff. The Administrator of Special Education will fill out and send a Request for Transfer form to the Superintendent., If transportation is necessary, it will be arranged by the Transportation Coordinator.
B. Placements for Emotional Adjustments and/or Learning Needs
Parents seeking to transfer a student to an out-of-district placement within Lexington must submit the Request for Transfer Form to the Superintendent by May 15 of the year preceding the year of the desired transfer placement. Transfer requests will be honored insofar as student enrollments and classroom capacities allow. Parents will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of their transfer request by August 1.
Criteria to be used in making a decision about a transfer request include, but are not limited to the following: ensuring there is sufficient space in the requested grade based on guidelines listed in the administrative procedure, exceptions to this policy made be made by the Superintendent, often in consultation with the student’s Principal for extenuating circumstance.
A parent may request his/her child remain in the assigned school when parents move within the town but out of that school's district. Such request will be automatically honored if the student is in or will be in the last year of school in an elementary or middle school. A transfer form must be processed even though the request will be approved automatically. It may be considered if the student has completed Grade 4 in an elementary school, and the Grade 7 in a middle school. The parent must present reasons supporting remaining in the former school district and the process will be followed as above.
For any student granted a transfer under the above, parents will be responsible for transportation to the out-of-district school. The Lexington School Committee cannot guarantee transportation for transfer students; however, if a school bus has room and can be boarded at a regular stop, a student may ride, after securing authorization from the Superintendent or designee. The selection of the receiving school is the decision of the Lexington Public Schools.

Lexington Public Schools, Lexington MA
Adopted by Lexington School Committee: July 2015