It is the policy of this school district not to admit non-resident students under the terms and conditions of the Inter district School Choice Law (M.G.L. 76:12B.) This decision must be reaffirmed annually prior to June 1st by a vote of the School Committee following a public hearing. In the event the Lexington School Committee votes to participate, the following local conditions would apply:
  1. That by May 1 of every school year, the administration will determine the number of spaces in each school available to choice students.
  2. That by June 1 of every school year, a public hearing will be held to review participation in the school choice program.
  3. That resident students be given priority placement in any classes or programs within the district.
  4. That the selection of non-resident students for admission when the number of requests exceeds the number of available spaces be in the form of a random drawing. There will be two drawings for this purpose. The first will take place during the last week of the
  5. current school year but no later than July 1st. The second will be conducted during the week immediately preceding the opening of the next school year and will be based on the possibility of unexpected additional openings.
  6. Any student who is accepted for admission under the provisions of this policy is entitled to remain in the district until graduation from high school except if there is a lack of funding of the program.
  7. The School Committee affirms its position that it shall not discriminate in the admission of any child on the basis of race, color, religious creed, national origin, sex, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, ancestry, athletic performance, physical handicap, special need, academic performance or proficiency in the English language.
M.G.L. 71:6; 71:6A; 76:6; 76:12; 76:12B BESE Regulations 603 CMR 26.00

Lexington Public Schools, Lexington MA
Adopted by Lexington School Committee: July 2015