The School Committee is a public servant, and its meetings and records will be a matter of public information except such materials that are exempt from Public Records Laws, including but not limited to, records regarding individual personnel matters, litigation, and collective bargaining.
The School Committee supports the right of the people to know about the programs and services of their schools and will make every effort to disseminate information. All requests for information will be acted on fairly, completely and expeditiously.
The official minutes of the Committee, its written policies and regulations, and its financial records will be open for inspection at the office of the Superintendent by any citizen desiring to examine them during hours when the office is open. No records pertaining to individual students or staff members will be released for inspection by the public or any unauthorized persons by the Superintendent or other persons responsible for the custody of confidential files. The exception to this will be information about an individual employee (or student) that has been authorized in writing for release by the employee (or student, or student's parent).
Each building administrator is authorized to use all means available to keep parents and others in the particular school's community informed about the school's program and activities.
M.G.L. 4:7; 66:10; 30A:18-25

Lexington Public Schools, Lexington MA
Adopted by Lexington School Committee: July 2015