A. Posters
With the Principal’s approval, posters relating to school events or events held to benefit the School may be displayed in the various school buildings. It is understood that these posters will not be permitted to disturb any school displays.
B. Flyers and Notices
Flyers or notices will not be permitted to be sent home by children except with a Principal’s approval and only when they are "school-sponsored" or "system-sponsored". "School sponsored" will permit school distribution only. "System-sponsored" requires permission of the Superintendent and will permit system-wide distribution. Notice of the distribution should bereceived at least three days in advance.
C. Collections
1.  No collections of any kind will be allowed in the schools except those which may be a part of the educational program of the Lexington Public Schools or with the Superintendent’s approval.
2.  No organizations except those qualifying under "school-sponsored" or "system-sponsored" will be permitted to sell tickets to students during the school day, and only with special permission, of the Superintendent of Schools. This selling of tickets shall be handled by the personnel of those organizations during a specific period of the school day, general recess, and the noon hour, and in a definite location.

Lexington Public Schools, Lexington MA
Adopted by Lexington School Committee: July 2015