It is a policy of the Lexington Public Schools to discourage athletic events and/or practices during school holidays. Athletic events and/or practices may be held during the regular school year including Saturdays and Sundays. Such events and practice sessions may be held during the daytime or evening, as long as all the necessary conditions exist, including adequate lighting and weather conditions, to perform safely.
It is the intention of the Lexington School Committee that the coaching and administrative staff continuously and diligently petition the Middlesex League for modification of its rules to enable the implementation of this policy. When the implementation of this policy either jeopardizes the continuous participation of the Lexington Public Schools in the Middlesex League, or where, the failure to hold practices during the holiday period will have an adverse effect on the student's conditioning, thereby
rendering potential unsafe conditions, such practices may be held, but at a minimum frequency, simply to insure the proper conditioning of the participants.
Students who are unable to participate in sporting events or practices during holiday periods may not be sanctioned in any way including any failure to play the participant as usual, dropping the player from a team ranking or limit the student's participation in any way due to his inability to participate. The only basis for such decisions shall be the performance and/or conditioning of the participant.

Lexington Public Schools, Lexington MA
Adopted by Lexington School Committee: July 2015