Activities may include identification of student health needs, collection of student health records, health screening tests (including eye and hearing screening tests), communicable disease prevention and control, promotion of the correction of remediable health defects, emergency care of the ill and injured, health counseling, health and safety education, and the maintenance of a healthful school environment.
The District recognizes that parents have the primary responsibility for the health of their students. The school will cooperate with appropriate professional organizations associated with maintaining individual and community health and safety.
Procedures for Emergency at School
School personnel shall give only emergency care to students who become ill or injured on school property, buses, or while under school supervision.
Each year, within the first 30 days of the opening of school, parents shall supply information indicating where the student is to be taken in case of an emergency; the name, address, and phone number of a person to be contacted in case the parent/guardian is not available; and any allergies or diseases the student might have.
The District shall maintain a Medical Emergency Response Plan and a Medical Policy and Procedure (JCD-R), as required by law, and an Emergency Operations Plan, which shall be utilized by District personnel for handling emergencies. Emergency procedures shall include the following:
  • The student’s Emergency Medical Report be given to EMS which lists allergies or diseases the student might have;
  • Provisions for reporting all accidents, cases of injury, or illness to the School. If the case may involve possible legal or public relations implications the Superintendent will be notified;
  • Prompt reporting by the School Nurse to the Principal or designee any accident or serious illness.
Student Illness or Injury
In case of illness or injury, the parent or guardian will be contacted and asked to pick up the student. Emergency contact information is provided by parents/guardians.
Expense incurred as a result of emergency ambulance use will not be borne by the District.
Should the school nurse determine that the illness or emergency require immediate medical attention, 911 will be called.
Transportation of a student by school personnel will be done only in an emergency and by the individual so designated by the school administrator.
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Lexington Public Schools, Lexington MA
Adopted by Lexington School Committee: July 2015