Individual schools may arrange, in cooperation with the school's parent organization, student council, designated student committee, or a staff committee, to take individual student and/or class group pictures.
Individual and/or class group pictures may be taken at the school facility and during the regular school day hours. The pictures shall be made available for purchase by students and/or parents/guardians on a voluntary basis. The building Principal or his/her designee shall have final authority in authorizing the picture-taking program and will be responsible for overseeing the process.
Students may be required to have an individual picture taken for the cumulative file or identification purposes; however, no student shall be pressured or required to purchase photographs.
The purpose of the policy is to:
  • Enhance the safety of students through visual identification in an emergency situation.
  • Facilitate the social, educational, and administrative activities conducted in the school.
  • Provide a service to parents and students.
  • Allow the profits gained from the picture-taking program to be used by the sponsoring group and authorized by the building Principal.
  • No photos of students will be published or released outside of school without parent permission.

Lexington Public Schools, Lexington MA
Adopted by Lexington School Committee: July 2015