Boil Water Orders

ANNOUNCEMENT: BOIL WATER ORDER LIFTED (Last Updated: May 4, 2010 5.17 pm)

Flushing of Water System: The Department of Public Facilities staff is currently working to flush all water systems. Time is needed to complete this process. We anticipate all buildings to be back to normal by the end of the day. Students and employees will be notified by the building principal when the water is safe to drink. Completed:May 4, 20104:00 PM

Food Service:  Water will return to the line for sale. The menu posted for today will remain the same. Food Service will be following the restaurant guidelines provided by the MWRA and the Town of Lexington Board of Health to open with an adjusted menu for Wednesday. We anticipate all services and menu offerings will return to normal on Thursday.

Federal Resources
State Resources
Local Resources

Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA)

This web site will be updated regularly as information becomes available at the federal and international level.


This web site will be updated regularly as information becomes available at the state level.

An information hotline called Mass 211 is available to answer general questions about the water break and other related information. It can be reached by simply dialing 211 (the same way that you dial 411) and listen to the menu choices or stay on the line.

This web site will be updated regularly as information becomes available at the local level for the Town of Lexington and the Lexington Public Schools.



BOIL WATER ORDER: May 1, 2010 until further notice (Last Updated:May 3, 2010 3:50 PM)

MEMA and MWRA have reported that the current advisory to boil water is expected  to continue for a few more days.  The Town Department of Public Health asks residents to continue to use tap water boiled for one minute to be safe for all uses.  The Lexington Public Schools requests parents to place a bottle of water, either filled with pre-boiled water from home or store-bought, in each student's backpack to take to school.  Please also include additional bottles of water for any athletic event or physical education class the student will be participating in that day. 

Our nurses will have access to water for emergency purposes.  Our Schools will be modifying our PE & Athletic programs as to not require physical exertion requiring increased water intake.  Students will continue to be encouraged to wash their hands .  Hand sanitizers will continue to be available outside our computer labs and cafeterias.

The Town is continuing water distribution and information is available at{link}.  Donations of bottled water can made be directly to the Public Services Building, 201 Bedford Street, Lexington, MA. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: On May 1, 2010, the Office of Community Development, Health Division announced a Boil Water Alert providing answers to frequently asked questions. The Town of Lexington will be posting updates at their News & Events web page and using their reverse 911 notification system also update residents. We will continue to work closely with the Town Manager, Department of Public Health, Department of Public Works, and the the Department of Public Facilities during the current emergency. We will provide updates if and when the current situation changes .

Lexington Public Schools Update: All public schools in Lexington will continue to be open for a regular school day. Water fountains throughout our buildings have been disabled and we anticipate having only a limited supply of bottled drinking water available. Given our limited supplies, students and employees are encouraged to bring drinking water to school for use during the day. In addition, tap water will be available in rest rooms and for hand washing, but not for drinking. Please review the H1N1 hand washing protocol with your children. Hand sanitizer will be available as an ongoing H1N1 flu response protocol.

Wash your hands with soap and clean running water. Visit for more information.

Food Service: Meals will be provided in all schools, although the water emergency may necessitate altering menus to curtail items that require washing, such as fresh produce. Any fresh produce that is served will be washed using water that was previously boiled per state guidelines. Food service equipment and utensils will be washed using normal procedures, since these already include a sanitizing step. Our Food Service Director will continue to work with the Department of Public Health to ensure that students and staff who participate in the program are provided with safe and nutritious meals. Updated menus will be posted in the food service areas and at the Chartwells menu page.Vending Machines: Water will continue to be available for sale through our vending machines until the machines runs out. They will not be restocked until a reliable and sustainable source is identified and available.

Food Service Lines: Water is being removed from Food Service lines and reserved for emergency use through the nurses office until a reliable and sustainable source is available. All other beverages will continue to be available for sale through our vending machines and food service lines.