HW for 5/6

Posted by Allen Olsen on 5/6/2019

Objective: Prepare for Chapter 7 Quiz.

I announced this for Wednesday, but because of the Mock Crash that all Juniors must attend during the first three blocks on Wednesday, I will have to move this exam to Thursday (A Block) and Friday (D Block).  Some of you also have AP exams this week.  I will need you to take this test by Friday at the latest.  If this is not possible, you need to contact me by email immediately and then talk to me face-to-face before the exam is given to set a retake date.

HW: Ch. 7 Review exercises: be able to do problems in the following groups:

Group 1: matrix multiplication: problems 3 - 10

Group 2: Evaluating determinants: problems 13 - 14

Group 3: Reducing augmented matrices to row echelon form: 16 - 18

Group 4: Solving systems of equations using Cramer's Method: 19 - 22

Group 5: Solving systems of equations using Gaussian Elimination: 23 - 28

Group 6: Solving systems of equations using reduced row echelon form: 33 - 36.

These are the only problems you need to work on in the chapter review, but you need to be able to do them.

I'm telling you this because I noticed that some of you were doing problems involving matrix addition, or inverse matrices.  You don't have to do these problems.