HW for 5/16

Posted by Allen Olsen on 5/16/2019

For A block: I am out today.   When your celebrating is done, now read the following:

Your classroom assignment today is to work constructively together to complete last night’s homework.

If some of you want to show your work on the board for others to see, that is fine.  But the goal should be to get everyone to the point that all have finished that homework.  I will ask to see your homework for a homework grade when I see you on Monday.  If you don't use this time productively, I will mark you down for it.  If you have difficulties, send me an email and I will do my best to help.  I expect to be back tomorrow, so you could ask me questions then.  But get this done.  I don't want to hear that "I didn't get how to do the problem."  You have a ton of resources -- each other, me, the textbook -- engage, persist, and you will be able to figure it out!

If you finish the homework from last night, you can start reading section 8.2 of the textbook, or work on the weekend homework below:

HW for the weekend:

Carefully read example 5 on page 569, and then do problems 49 through 52 on page 571.

Read problem 63 on pages 571 - 72 about the design of a suspension bridge, and play with the parabola that is described in the problem.  See if you can understand what the problem is asking.  Or, if you prefer, try Problem 64 about a bridge arch.  These problems are best done with several students together.

If you are having problems with 11 - 29, look at example 3 on page 568.