December 2018

Posted by Melinda Webster Loof on 12/7/2018

Fall is moving along quickly and we are doing many things in the library. Fourth and fifth grade have started out the school year by learning and/or reviewing the Dewey Decimal System.  Students have learned that the library in considered a science and they have proved their ability to use the Dewey Decimal System by using their acquired knowledge during a Dewey Scavenger Hunt.  Thank you library volunteers in assisting with this activity.

New books are arriving in the library and students are learning about being responsible online citizens - Digital Citizenship.

Fifth grade students are learning how to evaluate information as well as websites.  How do you know whether information is good or not is the driving question behind our lessons.  Students are also learning how to cite websites.

Thank you to Bowman PTA for all the books donated to the Bowman Library!  Students are enjoying them.


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!