Lexington Public Schools Parent Notification System

code ed logo       LPS Parent Notification System - September 2013
Lexington Public Schools (LPS) has implemented a high-speed parent notification solution called Code-ED, a service of Emergency Communications Network (ECN). LPS will use Code-ED to quickly and effectively keep parents and guardians of LPS students, as well as faculty and staff, informed of both routine and emergency information that impacts LPS students and campuses.

LPS will use the Code-ED system to keep you informed of routine notices and announcements by telephone calls, text messages, and emails. Messages may regard school meetings, closures, delays, bus routes, reminders, and request for support for school initiatives.
As an extra tool to keep our students safe, LPS in coordination with Lexington Police, may also use Code-ED for emergency situations if and when the need arises to notify you of lockdowns, intruders on campus, abductions, school violence, and rumor abatement as needed or required.
Please note:     If you have previously provided your contact information to LPS during your student’s registration for the 2013-2014 school year, you have automatically been added to receive notifications from LPS. If you are unsure of whether your information is in the database or would like to add additional contact information, please contact your child’s school office.  Any future changes should also be made with your child’s school. 
In addition, the system uses the LPS student information system’s categorization of parent contacts as Contact 1 (typically father) and Contact 2 (typically mother).  The Contact 1 email field needs to be filled in with a valid email address to a person who will read, respond, and share information with family and household members as appropriate.  Please consider employer email policies before providing us with work email addresses.  The same email address can be put into both Contact 1 and Contact 2 email fields.  Only one email will be sent by the system.
Identifying Notifications 
All notifications delivered from LPS will be delivered by the school or district office main telephone number, 781-861-2563, or email CodeED Launcher Service" system@code-ed.net.  Please check your "Junk" email boxes and save "CodeED Launcher Service" system@code-ed.net in your email contact list under Lexington Public Schools.  We are looking into an alternate email address specific to Lexington Public Schools that is more obvious as to who the email is from.
All parents and guardians of LPS students are encouraged to save your child’s school and the district telephone number in their phone’s contacts to ensure the number is recognized and answered. The Code-ED system will deliver a voice message to an answering device if the call is missed.  Additionally, parents and guardians who receive a call from LPS may also dial the number back as many times as needed to replay the last message delivered. 
Parents should also be aware of a “sister” notification solution of ECN called CodeRED of which notifications are initiated by Lexington public safety officials for both general and emergency notifications. Please note these are two separate systems and will be used for two different purposes. For more information on the town’s emergency notification service, visit http://www.lexingtonma.gov/%5Cpolice%5Ccodered.cfm.